Cameo Lighting

From an early age, light exerts a magical fascination on us humans. It inspires our imagination and controls emotions. Light can caress us, frighten us, take us into other worlds or ignite a fire in us. Very special people have made their ability to inspire with light their profession. The new Cameo range is now available for these lumen beings.

Cameo® is a registered brand of the Adam Hall Group.

The Cameo® brand expresses the fascination with light, which has always delighted lighting designers, lighting technicians and their audiences. Hence the brand claim “Cameo® – for lumen beings”. This is backed by the professional product range, which includes state-of-the-art LED moving lights for spectacular stage shows, LED lighting systems, LED studio PAR spotlights, LED outdoor spotlights, lasers, hazers, and accessories. Architectural firms, theater houses, television and film studios also use Cameo® lighting solutions for optimizing their settings and environmental designs.